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May 28, 2021

Welcome to BW Modern!

Welcome to BW Modern!

Thank you for choosing BW Modern Cabinets, we are excited to work with you! Let’s get started.

Creating your account:

Is the first step on the way to your dream cabinets. To create an account you will start at the ORDER NOW screen

NEXT: Create Account

Once you have selected create account you will want to select the appropriate business or personal option

Making the correct selection will help with your future orders.

Personal Accounts are for home owners and/or individual users.

Business accounts are for business owners and contractors who are ordering for themselves and/or customers.

Once you have selected your account type, fill in the entire worksheet. This information will auto populate when you log in, saving you time in the future.

Default Shipping Method: Make sure you hit the drop down menu to make the best selection for you or your company. If you are local make sure to select will call, as that will save you time and money.

Invoice Receipt Method: In this drop down menu you have the choice of None or E-Mail.

If you choose none, your orders will be visible under your account/order information. The email selection gives you both.

Once you are done filling out the worksheet, make sure you accept the terms and conditions, and submit. Now you are ready to start making cabinet selections and drawing.

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