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Built In Ovens


Oct 26, 2021

There are a multitude of wall oven combinations so it is easier to ‘create’ your own.

Built-in ovens

You may have noticed looking through the cabinet options that there is not a pre-built cabinet to insert your wall oven into. There are a multitude of wall oven combinations so it is easier to ‘create’ your own. The first step is to have selected the oven unit that you are going to use. Once you have selected the item, look up the install specifications for that unit. Now you are ready to start creating your oven cabinet. We are going to use the KitchenAid range below. You will need the model number which is highlighted in yellow. Oftentimes there are multiple specifications per sheet so the model number will keep you on track.

Next you will want to select SPECIFICATIONS. Sites are are a little different but you should see an option to DOWNLOAD SPECS SHEET

Or you will find the installation instructions

Make your selection. You will see on this spec sheet (below) that there are several different options for units and types of installation. We are going to build a cabinet for the 30” single unit with flush installation

Now that you have your appliance and specs. What do you want your cabinet to look like? Do you want a cabinet with doors below your oven? Possibly a drawer or drawers? No matter what you want it to look like you will need sides, a bottom and a top. We will start with a Left Tall End Column as well as a Right.

Next we will add the base. The base will have to be modified so select the closest base to what you are after. The width and height will need to be altered as well as the location off the floor. You will also need to turn the countertop off.

Now you have a platform for your oven unit. Next, you will drag in your oven unit from the appliance list.

A wall refrigerator cabinet is an excellent choice to top off the unit. It is already 24” deep and this particular one has tray dividers in it. Once you select your cabinet you will need to adjust the width and height of the cabinet to fill in the remaining space.

The final step is to drag your panels in to close the gaps. You can also look at it in render mode to see the finished product with door and drawer fronts.

If you are not comfortable building your own oven unit, you can submit a custom request to have it built for you. You will need to provide the model for the oven unit and there is a custom design charge that will be added to your order.

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